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Beloved Earth Community
A heart-centred project seeking to procure land and property in East Anglia, to establish a conscious, intentional community, and to nurture bonds of sacred reciprocity between humans, the natural world, and the more-than-human realms.

Creative Conversations
We've been hosting gatherings on the themes of Collapse and Emergence and Reimagining Power Together, and  Enrichment Days to support Norfolk Grief Tending facilitators.

Julian's Window
Contemplative Inquiry and Presencing, in the spirit of Julian of Norwich, medieval mystic and writer. Studies of sacred texts, contemplative singing and chanting, and meditation.  

Norfolk Grief Tending 
Rediscovering new and ancient ways of holding our pain with the support of community, transforming suffering into beauty. 

Norwich Conscious Movement and Dance
A platform for local conscious dance events, including Contact Improvisation and 5Rhythms.

Somatic Health
Groupwork to help us connect to our bodily wisdom and sovereignty, expanding and enlivening our fullest potential as human beings on this planet.

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